about klanghelm

Klanghelm is a Berlin, Germany-based software company that specializes in creating audio plugins and standalone audio applications. Klanghelm plugins support both Windows (64bit) and Mac (64bit). 
All plugins are coded in C++. 

Klanghelm is currently a one-man-show, with some helping hands and minds here and there. 

My name is Tony Frenzel. 

Since sitting in my baby buggy with my first ghetto-blaster, listening to The Rubettes' "Sugar Baby Love", I've been passionate about everything music-related. 

I can't remember when I first tried to disassemble that damn thing to see how it works. The ghetto-blaster, not the buggy. 

I was in bands, toured the country up and down, recorded in studios, wrote with celebrities, and published songs. I sang, I played guitar, drums, keys, bass, whatever. I produced other bands, did live-sound for others, wrote for others - the whole gamut. 

And I have a programming background. I started in the 80s with BASIC and Pascal. Years later, I added C++ to my roster, because if you want to seriously code cross-platform audio software, there's no way around C++. 

I've always wanted to build stuff. Unfortunately, I suck at soldering. And this was the moment when DSP came through the door. A few years ago, I took my knowledge of electronics to DSP coding. With all the horsepower current computers provide, it's finally possible to create great, sophisticated audio plugins which hardly tax the CPU. The nearly endless possibilities of DSP fascinate me everyday. 

What a great journey (and challenge) DSP is. And what an elegant way for me to combine the two things in life I know a thing or two of: music and coding. 

I only create plugins I need / want for myself, something I am missing. I am not trying to fill a market niche or something. I want to code decent sounding stuff that's easy to use and, most of all, a joy to use. I am not interested in emulating existing analog gear in the digital realm. I want to build stuff that's missing in the analog world. I want to code stuff that stands on its own feet sound-wise, being different, not worse than the best existing gear (analog and digital). 

I hope you enjoy the plugins offered here as much as I enjoy creating them. 

If you want to get in touch with me, please do so by dropping an email to tony@klanghelm.com